Report spam with Mailfire

Our aim is to help our customers sending emails to their recipients effectively and securely. We permanently improve our service and make it better every day. Fighting against spam is one of our main tasks, and we take this job very seriously. Help us to help you: warn us about detecting spam and other abuse.

To report spam and abuse, complete the form below with an email header of the spam email you have received. An email header contains the routing information of the particular email: where it was from and its further destination. In case you need help, use the detailed Gmail guide to finding email headers.

Here is a sample section of an email header:

Return-path: <>
Received: from ( [])
by SHRSYS.HSLC.ORG (PMDF V5.2-32 #39799)
with ESMTP id <01K3UFKP244S928GQP@SHRSYS.HSLC.ORG> for
tyburski@SHRSYS.HSLC.ORG (ORCPT rfc822;; Tue,
22 May 2001 00:27:12 EDT
Received: from psu0497 ( [])
by (8.10.1/8.10.1) with SMTP id f4M42kb02182; Tue,

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